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Acebuchal 23 Casa Rural | El Rocío, Almonte - Huelva | Web Oficial Acebuchal 23 Casa Rural | El Rocío, Almonte - Huelva | Web Oficial

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Get the latest news about the region's leisure activities, culture and more.

Colombinas 2018. Performances and concerts

- July 31, Tuesday: El Pecas + Yelsy Heredia + Diego El Cigala + La Cali Salsa Big Band - August 1, Wednesday: Lori Meyers - August 2, Thursday: Enrique Bunbury - August 3, Friday: Rosendo + La Dame Blanche - August 4, Saturday: Juan Magán - August 5, Sunday: Antílopez

Every Friday and Saturday, Anabella live in Japan!

At ON Hotels we continue innovating and improving to achieve your smile. Therefore, every Friday and Saturday, those who want to enjoy the best of Asian cuisine, will have the great voice of Anabella to liven up the night with live music. All this in Japan, our Asian restaurant à la carte and open to the public and neighbors of the Doñana Beach.

Afternoon Good Sunset. Every day at ON Hotels

Every afternoon we enjoyed Good Sunset moments with Oceanfront views. But it is also ... now we do it with the best live music! Dj Eusebio López entertains every day the most magical moments in front of the Doñana Beach. We will wait for you!

Arrive 'Criaito', our rice restaurant in front of the sea.

The lovers of good rice are in luck. And those who enjoy eating by the sea ... also! Starting on Friday, June 29, we opened the doors of Criaito, our rice restaurant in front of the sea. Reservations: 673 41 89 92

The Night of San Juan is here! Saturday 23 June

The night of the bonfires is also enjoyed at the Doñana Beach. From 23:00 we will light our particular fire in homage to the famous Night of San Juan. All customers and neighbors are invited to enjoy this wonderful show. We'll light it right in front of the hotel, on the beach. We wait for you!

Come back, Japan! Our Asian Restaurant à la carte

From Saturday, June 23, the best Asian dishes and gastronomy will return to Japan, our a la carte Asian Restaurant. It is not necessary to book. We recommend arriving early so that you can have your table facing the sea.

Criola Beach Festival 8th Edition

The 8th edition of the Criola Beach Festival arrives at Doñana Beach. From June 14 to 17 ... Kizomba ON the beach! We will wait for you.

II Fair of Ecotourism of Doñana. April 27-29

In April, the II Doñana Ecotourism Fair arrives in Aldea del Rocío. The Ecotourism Fair, where this year will bet on sports tourism. It will be like this the II edition of an event that aspires to be one of the great international meetings of the sector. One more year is intended to boost tourism, being Doñana the central point and main protagonist of the tourist offer. More than 50,000 visits are expected in this edition!

New season. New clothing!

At ON Hotels we start this New Season also renewing the image of our staff. Clothing designed by ArteMarketing, a company specializing in Textiles / Fashion. At ON Hotels we share the objectives of ARTE Marketing: offering the highest service and quality quotas. We keep improving and working every day to offer the best possible experience to our clients.

ON Hotels in Destino Andalucía. Canal Sur

We have left in Andalucia Directo! Spectacular images thanks to our companions of Canal Sur Televisión. Enjoy the magic of Doñana beach. Watch video: Reserve now!! ☎ 959 10 90 90 /

ON Aqua 'sees the light' at FITUR 2018

We keep growing! Official presentation of ON Aqua and ON Suite at FITUR 2018. A great bet that will come to light very soon at Doñana Beach - Costa de la Luz. ONAqua, Hotel 4 * focused on the enjoyment of families, children and adults. It will be accompanied by ON Suite, Luxury Apartments. Very soon we will begin the works ... with a view to the 2020 season. Thanks to the COMMITMENT of the City Council of Almonte and all the collaborators that will make this great project possible.

ON Hotels y Aromas de Ibiza. New Collaborative Agreement of 'Sensorial and Olfactory Marketing'.

Mmmm how good it smells! We continue with our permanent concern to achieve the highest standards of quality so that the stay of our Fans'ON is wonderful. On Hotels and Aromas de Ibiza close this season a Collaborative Agreement of 'Sensorial and Olfactory Marketing'. In charge of aromatizing, among others, the Goya Awards. "A scent is worth a thousand words" In Aromas de Ibiza they are true specialists in applying sensorial marketing, or marketing of the senses, in hotel businesses, representing more than 75% of our customers, both with seasonal clients of 6 months in the Balearic Islands, and throughout the year in Peninsula or Canary Islands.   Sensory marketing or marketing of the senses, is a modern science consisting of using specific aromas in a business environment in order to arouse emotions, and thereby influence consumer behavior and the mood of employees. sensory, uses the aromas to evoke emotions and offer memorable experiences.   With the implementation of this innovative technique, what is intended is to alter the most sensitive sense of the human being, the sense of smell, a "commercially" virgin sense that also has the quality of being of fast association and of greater permanence in our memory.    According to research from the Rockefeller University, we remember 35% of what we smell, which is why, through olfactory memory and our products, it can impact, influence and seduce your consumer.   We will achieve a differential value to the brand, working on the creation of an emotional link between the brand and the consumer through olfactory memory.

Why is the sea so beneficial? Have you ever felt an incredible peace as you walked along the sea, or perhaps suddenly have you noticed that you have more energy and that your state of mind has improved? The truth is that most people experience a pleasant feeling of calm, relaxation and well-being when it is near the water. Why? After several studies, neuroscience think that the explanation lies in our brain, since being near the sea affects us both physically and psychologically. Several neuroscientists such as M. Rudd, R.A. Baron or M.C. Diamond have studied how the sea affects our brain, coming to the conclusion that the immensity it projects causes a state of fascination, deeply affecting our psyche. The perception of the sea as immense and placid but at the same time can be terrible and capable of killing us generates a unique experience that induces positive changes in our mental schemes thanks to how our mind tries to process this landscape. In the same way, the sea causes a change in the perception of time, which seems to pass much slower and even stop, making us feel in many cases as if we were inside a bubble. Creativity is another factor that seems to be enhanced, because by relaxing our mental processes, the neural network is activated by default and in that state of tranquility in the presence of the immensity of the sea come to the brain more brilliant, clear and creative ideas. Basically, the relaxing effect of the sea is because it gives a kind of vacation to our brain from the over-stimulation to which we Why is the sea so beneficial? We continually expose. In fact, we live in an environment overloaded with stimuli, these bombard us causing an overstimulation that ends up passing us invoice as it generates a state of constant tension that prevents us relax. However, seeing the sea and hearing the sound of the waves allows us to disconnect from that chaotic environment, it is as if creating a bubble around us. In fact, the movement of the sea and its immensity have an almost hypnotic effect, which generates that sense of tranquility and well-being that allows us to recharge energy. On the other hand, its blue color promotes breathing and contributes to lowering blood pressure. According to the color therapy, the blue color helps to make the fear disappear of the thoughts, to look to the future and it encourages us to change, to learn. Nor can we forget its sound, which makes us keep pace with our breathing, fundamental in relaxation. When a sound is constant and repetitive, it makes us concentrate on it more easily, because it increases the proportion of neurotransmitters in the brain. Its immensity helps to dispel thoughts of rumination, preoccupations and obsessions. There is a disconnection with our daily reality, a beneficial rupture for our mind. A space so open that unites with the sky encourages creativity, let the imagination fly. Smell is the most emotional sense. Smells are reminiscent of memories and arouse intense emotions. In front of an olfactory perception, the information comes directly to the limbic system in the brain and specifically to two of its structures: the hypothalamus and the cerebral amygdala, which is automatically activated and these structures are the centers of affectivity. The smell of the sea is a mixture of chemicals from salt, fish, crustaceans, wet rocks and DMS (dimethyl sulfide, which curiously, is the one that brings that characteristic smell to the sea). The sea smells of life and if we have ever felt pleasurable emotions by the sea, its smell will immediately wake us the same emotions. In this way, if we had to summarize and list their psychological benefits, we could find: Induce a meditative state As we have seen, the sound of the sea waves stimulates a meditative state and enhances a mindfulness attitude. In fact, this sound is often used in relaxation sessions as it has been shown to generate changes in brain waves. Specifically, it promotes alpha waves, which have been linked to an effortless state of attention. These waves appear when we are calm and relaxed but also so concentrated that everything around us disappears, even time. Curiously, these waves also promote a state of mental clarity and stimulate creative thinking. Our brain is constantly changing, even when we are asleep or when we think we have a blank mind. It is what is known as brain plasticity: everything we experience causes our brain (and our nervous system) to change in real time. That means there is not a time when our mind stays the way it was a while ago. However, there are certain experiences that modify our mental life more consistently than others. That is, the type of changes they introduce into our brain are more recognizable and more uniform. It is the case of what happens during meditation or, for example, when feeling that we are facing the sea or the ocean. Artículo de Federico Casado Reina Fuente:

We improved the experience of our check-in with Aperol

We keep presenting news! We want to spread illusion from the first moment. Therefore, at our check-in we will always offer a courtesy drink to make that moment of waiting more pleasant. We thank Aperol for their interest and concern in achieving this new initiative Its orange is unmistakable, a vibrant color that lights up your toast and adds happiness to the moment. Everything else is brought to the table by the joyful inner spirit of Aperol Spritz: the same spirit that unites people and creates Good Rolling.

Live Matalascañas! Carnival 2018. 2-4 March

Joy and humor come to Doñana Beach! On the weekend of 02 to 04 March, the Matalascañas Carnival returns with initiatives and activities for all ages. A perfect occasion to enjoy a weekend full of party and fun. Are you coming? Book now with us and enjoy the carnival. Reservations: 959 10 90 90 /

Programming of the II Chucena Wine Fair   THURSDAY 2 NOVEMBER * At 6:00 p.m., a performance of the play "Y Punto" by the theater group Abril of the neighboring town of Escacena del Campo FRIDAY 3 NOVEMBER * From 12:00 to 14:00, live program at Cadena SER, from the venue of the Wine Fair * At 18:00 Inauguration of the II Chucena Wine Fair and opening of Stands * Next, we will take a glass of wine and take a tour of the fandango sticks, by the Alosnero group "Vive Alosno" SATURDAY 4 NOVEMBER * At 12:00 awards ceremony of the vintage contest made by the children of CEIP Manuel Siurot de Chucena * At 13:00 Tourist route on the train * About 14:00 Cata Food Pairing * At 19:00 Wine exaltation by Manuel and Esmeralda Caraballo Franco * Subsequently, delivery of reconnaissance     - 2525th anniversary organizing committee     - To the city council of Huelva by its gastronomic capital.     - To the County Wine Regulatory Council * About the 23:00 performance of the group "Menta y Romero" * Then DJ Álvaro Guerra (courtesy of catering)   SUNDAY NOVEMBER 5 * At 10:00 am from the "El Macareno" Avda exit of the III Cycloturista Wine Route * At 12:00 Tourist route on the train * At 15:30 Tourist route on the train * At 16:00 Performance of the Municipal School of Flamenco Dance * Next, the performance of the group "Calle Santa María" * Then, actress of the humorous group "Clave de Tres" (courtesy of catering) Source:

525th anniversary of the meeting between two worlds. Huelva - America

Few events have been more significant in the history of humanity than the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America in 1492. The link between Huelva and America transcends the historic difficulty of Columbus' first journey, which resulted in him becoming a part of collective memory for all mankind. As the 525th anniversary nears, the Province of Huelva and the Lugares Colombinos are restating their American vocation and desire to be the point of cultural, economic, academic and institutional entry for the Ibero-American countries with which the area has shared a common history for centuries. Specific activities (gastronomy events, handicraft fairs, events in symbolic places) and initiatives will be hosted to promote the Lugares Colombinos in celebration of the 525th anniversary of this great discovery.

Between October 27 and November 4 will be held the First Days of Cortegana in America, to be held in the municipality of Serrano under the framework of the activities commemorating the 525 Anniversary of the Encounter between two Worlds promoted by the Diputación de Huelva and will be centered on two illustrious personalities of the locality such as Pedro Romero de Terreros, I Conde de Regla, and Fray Alonso Giraldo de Terreros. CONFERENCES These days, where history, heritage and tourism are combined, will begin on October 27, 2017. The exhibition Indians in Huelva, in collaboration with the Office of the 525 Anniversary of the Encounter between Two Worlds, and the exhibition 'Pintura of the assault on the Mission of San Sabá '(Texas-United States). On Saturday, 28 there will be a conference titled 'La plata mexicana. Legacy of the Terreros to Cortegana 'given by José María Sánchez, dean of Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Seville. On Tuesday 31 will be the inauguration and blessing of the sculpture to Fray Alonso Giraldo de Terreros, work of Juan Manuel Romero de Terreros Castilla on the porch of the Parish Church of Divino Salvador, in addition to a guided tour called 'The Cortegana of the eighteenth century through the Count of Regla and Fray Alonso '. On Friday, November 3 will be the presentation of the book Pedro Romero de Terreros, his first years (1710-1752), by Juan Manuel Romero de Terreros Castilla, followed by a baroque music concert entitled 'Echo sonoros del barroco en Nueva España' by the Spanish Parnassus. Coinciding with the weekend of 3 to 5 November, a market will be organized in the eighteenth century around the parish, with handicrafts and gastronomic products of the locality.

October arrives to the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche and with it the expected party around the best Iberian ham of the world. The Aracena Ham Fair grew in 2013 to become the Iberian Ham Week, a gastronomic and ethnographic event that this year presents important new features in its programming. From Friday 20 to Sunday 29, two consecutive weekends open to enjoyment around Iberian ham and other derivatives with a complete program of activities for all audiences. The fairground of Reina de los Angeles avenue, just 250 meters from the Grotto of the Wonders, will host the different tents with exhibitors of companies of the meat sector and derivatives, as well as other products that have also been added in the last years to this party. Cheeses, sweets, chestnuts, honey, artisan bread, liqueurs ... everything is blended with an exquisite Iberian ham and the wines of the County of Huelva. For this, the organization has arranged an extensive covered space to welcome the thousands of people who are waiting these days in a celebration that continues to grow year after year. Thus, in this first weekend will be held classic activities such as the Jam Cutters Contest (Saturday 21. 13:30 hours) or demonstration of artisanal cutting of the Iberian pig (Sunday 22. 13 hours) will merge with novelties like musical performances or the celebration of the Route of the Iberian Tapa. Twenty establishments of Aracena participate in this initiative that makes available to neighbors and visitors multiple varieties of dishes made with ingredients derived from the Iberian pig.  And on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 ... more party around the Iberian ham. Tastings, cutting exhibitions, draws ... a thousand and one activities to enjoy a gourmet product of first level during a few days of great atmosphere and animation in Aracena. Of course, do not forget to participate in the original contest 'Your Weight in Ham', which can make many people dream for only 1.5 euros. Source:

Lorca: Passion for flamenco

"FlamenCall", Flamenco Theater Company, has the pleasure to present a tribute to Federico García Lorca, our most universal poet, and who undoubtedly contributed to UNESCO, in 2010, recognizing Flamenco as Intangible Heritage of the Humanity. Sit down, sit back in your armchair and join us in this wonderful adventure for which you do not need a suitcase but, rather, open the senses and the eyes of the soul. We will move in time and space and travel with Federico, highlighting his most human facet. The child that was; the man that was. For this, FlamenCall has prepared a show where poetry, world music, theater dance, performance and pure flamenco are mixed, with that innovative touch that is already a hallmark of the Company. Our goal is to take them by the hand to the world of Lorca, its themes and its imaginary, using the resources that the poet himself liked to use. Let yourself be carried away by the emotion and travel with us there ... Where poetry and flamenco are courted. Price: € 12 Place: Grand Theater: Friday September 22 at 9pm. Source: Territory Huelva

Birds at Sunset in Odiel Marshes

A paradise for birds 10 minutes from the city of Huelva. Marismas del Odiel, Natural Reserve, Unesco Biosphere Reserve and Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA), considered the most important tides in the Iberian Peninsula. Place of reintroduction of the fish eagle, and where is the 30% of the breeding colony of the Spatula in Europe. We will take a tour of the viewpoints of the Paraje for the observation of the birds and the flora of the place. A place you should know !!! For this activity it is not necessary to have knowledge of birds, just want to learn and enjoy the fauna of the place. Estimated time: 19:00 - 22:00 Number of places available: 7 Price: 15 €. If you decide to go from Huelva in our vehicle to the starting point of the route, the price will increase by € 3. Includes: transportation, specialized guide / s, insurance, medicine kit, optical material for bird watching (1 telescope for the group), bird guides. Information: 669 20 57 29/695 949 273 / Location: Anastasio Senra Visitor Center. On Sunday, August 27th. At 07h

Visit to the Monument to Columbus or the Discovering Faith

The Monument to Columbus or to the Discovering Faith, with its 37 meters of height, is one of the most representative symbols of the city of Huelva. "Punta del Sebo" was the site chosen by the sculptor and designer Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney to erect this great colossus, donation of the Columbus Memorial Fund. Inc. Construction work was carried out between 1927 and 1929, and was inaugurated on April 21, with the presence of senior international officials. Through an initiative of the Provincial Delegation of Culture and the Port Authority will remain open to the public for free every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., with a guided tour at 11:00 p.m. Also anyone who wishes can contact us for a private visit. Organized by Platalea. Every Saturday of the month from 10 to 13h and the guided tour at 11h. Information: 959 260 708 | 660 414 920

El Rocío hosts many equestrian activities in August. El Rocío will be in the next month of August the epicenter of the world of the horse. The City Council of Almonte, in collaboration with other entities, has designed an ambitious program of activities to be carried out in the village from 4 to 19 August, to which will be added another event that will take place on August 26 in the Almonteño nucleus of Matalascañas.

Performances and top music this summer in Matalascañas

The renowned Surfasaurus venue in Matalascañas comes alive this summer with a wide and varied musical and cultural proposal for all tastes and styles. In this sense, during the months of July and August, Surfasaurus will offer a complete musical program, with concerts and performances by artists of national and international prestige. Mecano, José Manuel Soto or comedian Manu Sánchez are some of the artists confirmed for this Summer 2017. One more reason to come to enjoy the best atmosphere and the best music in Matalascañas!

II Noche Enogastronómica 'Lands of the Discovery'. July 14

Next July 14 is celebrated the 2nd Night Enogastronómica 'Lands of Discovery'. A unique event that no lover of good wine and gastronomy should miss! An appointment where you can mix gastronomy with culture. The Bodegas Contreras patio, in Rociana del Condado, is the perfect place to spend a different night and enjoy a perfect pairing. Live the 2nd Night in Food and Wine! Book your place with us. Source: Department of Culture of Rociana del Condado.

El Rocío 2017

Something is felt in the atmosphere !! Like every spring, between May and June, preparations begin for the pilgrimage of El Rocio, the most crowded in the world. We want you to enjoy it as you deserve! In our reception you will find all the information about restaurants, taxi service or parking ... and of course you can advise on the main recommendations to take into account in the face of the pilgrimage, for example: what kind of clothes and footwear to take. In short, we want you to enjoy 100% the 'rociera experience'. We will wait for you! RESERVATIONS: 959 10 90 90 / Costa de la Luz - Matalascañas - Doñana Beach. Http://

El Rocío already feels at On Hotels !!

El Rocío already feels at On Hotels !! One of the most anticipated weeks of the year for tod @ s. We wait for you! Take advantage of our promotions of JUNE - SUMMER + Info: RESERVATIONS: 959 10 90 90 / Costa de la Luz - Matalascañas - Doñana Beach Http://

Huelva, Gastronomy Capital 2017

Huelva has received recognition for the seafood that fills its fish markets, stews and cuisine every day. The city has a year packed with events linked to gastronomy lined up. "This achievement has truly been a team effort," said the mayor, Gabriel Cruz, at his first public action, surrounded by a happy public of hospitality business people, citizen groups, retail traders, chefs, merchants and citizens. "We have all rolled up our sleeves and become ambassadors for Huelva," and winning the nomination has become a reality. Excitedly recounting tales of the generations of restaurants that have been seen in Huelva serving quality dishes, chef Xanty Elías, the first to win a Michelin Star in Huelva, underlined the fact that this capital status is seen as "a reward" for what is happening in Huelva and his sector in particular. "The restaurants where our grandparents and parents ate have made this day of celebration possible." Source: ABC Andalucía Huelva

International Women's Day 2017 in Huelva

7 March: Opening at the University of the 'Women in Action' exhibition, which will remain open until 21 March. 8 March: International Women's Day. The Public Manifesto for Equality will be read. 9 March: ‘Música por la Igualdad’ concert by the Municipal Symphonic Orchestra at Casa Colón and presentation of the ‘Elena Whishaw. 100 años de su encuentro con Niebla’ exhibition at the cityhall. Start of ‘Muestra de cine realizado por mujeres’, held at Gran Teatro and the University of Huelva until 11 March. 14 March: The Gran Teatro will host the work ‘XL Abandónate mucho’,at 8 pm. The same day will see the conference ‘La construcción sociocultural de la realidad, el género y el amor romántico’ take place in the events room at the Law Faculty at 4.30 pm. 15 March: The workshop ‘Otras formas de quererse son posibles’ led by Coral Herrera will take place. 20 March: The events room at the Law Faculty will be the chosen venue for the seminar ‘La trata con fines de explotación sexual en Andalucía y Ceuta’ at 11 am. 21 March: ‘Entre culturas: mujeres poetas en español del siglo XX’. 23 March: ‘Cuídate’ training programme aimed at women's associations. Over the course of April and May the sexuality workshop ‘Esencia Femenina’ will also take place. March will see the 4th edition of the magazine ‘Coeducación’ and the second edition of ‘Ellas también llevan la batuta’ issued. A contest for short stories based on gender will be launched, as will one for photography named ‘Mujer y siglo XXI’. 23 March: Provincial events, ‘Violencia sexual: nuevo marco normativo’ at the Centro de la Mujer. 30 March: Awarding of the Marismas Prize ‘Mujeres por la Igualdad’ at Casa Colón. Source:

Latitudes. International Photography Festival. Huelva 2017


MINIMAL Haute Cuisine in Miniature

Tapas chefs from across Spain will meet at 'Minimal Huelva 2017' from 12-14 March. This initiative is included in the events for the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2017 and will involve a programme open to the public. The event will gather a hundred cooking professionals to learn about, taste and debate new trends in tapas under the guidance of our country's leading chefs. Source:

Visit of the Hog Valencia Chapter, Official Harley Davidson Club

We recently received a visit from Hog Valencia Chapter, Harley Davidson's official club. It has been a luxury to contemplate his incredible works of art on 2 wheels! We greatly appreciate your visit and we invite you to return whenever you wish. We wait for you! Take advantage of our promotions of MAY - JUNE - SUMMER + Info: RESERVATIONS: 959 10 90 90 / Costa de la Luz - Matalascañas - Doñana Beach Http://

1900s Fair in Moguer. 24-26 February

Moguer is transported back to the beginning of the 20th century with a spectacular Era Fair that recalls to historic epochs. On the one hand, it is commemorating 100 years since the publication of “Diario de un poeta recién casado”, a literary masterpiece of the Spanish language. On the other hand, the 525th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas is being celebrated. Moguer, its sailors and its caravel 'Niña' were the main protagonists in this event. Dates: 24-26 February Source: Huelva Ocio y Playas . Your guide to Huelva and the Province

Doñana and the Sierra de Aracena, leading examples of rural tourism in Andalusia

Andalusia is a first-class rural destination. Juan Ignacio Pulido, a professor at the University of Jaén, said that our community "has been able to efficiently manage the international demand for rural tourism." Rural tourism is "a young activity with great scope for growth." Pulido also said that the "type of tourist has changed." Travellers seek "specific and individual motivations." According to Pulido, rural visitors want to "participate in and learn from the place they are visiting" with its everyday aspects as they have a "growing social and environmental conscience." The most visited areas in Andalusia among rural tourists include the large natural spaces in the Province of Huelva, with Doñana and the Sierra de Aracena being the main attractions in this area. Source: Huelva YA.

Matalascañas Carnival 2017. 3-5 March

Matalascañas Carnival 2017 will be brimming with events. From the 4th to the 6th of March, the Local Government of Almonte will be hosting a programme of events with activities aimed at continuing the carnival tradition in Matalascañas. Call to find out more! Enjoy this bright, vibrant carnival with us.

Tourism and Nature. February Plans 2017

Enjoy unique, memorable experiences in the Province of Huelva! You can discover the best bird watching areas in the province, enjoy walks in places of great ecological value, and explore charming corners of towns and cities. It is our pleasure to present the main plans for February 2017 in the Province of Huelva. Come and discover them! For more information, get in touch. Organised by NACTIVA.

In April Doñana will host the First Doñana Natural Life Ecotourism Fair

El Rocío will be the venue for the First Doñana Natural Life Ecotourism Fair ���� Dates: 27-30 April. Bird watching and nature sports will be some of the tourist activities promoted at this fair. Source: Photo: Ruralidays

Visit of Hog Valencia Chapter, Harley Davidson Official Club Spain

We recently received a visit from Hog Valencia Chapter, Harley Davidson's official club. It has been a luxury to contemplate his incredible works of art on 2 wheels We greatly appreciate your visit and we invite you to return whenever you wish. We wait for you! Take advantage of our #promotions of MAY - JUNE - SUMMER + Info: RESERVATIONS: 959 10 90 90 / Costa de la Luz - Matalascañas - Doñana Beach Http://

II March Against Cáncer, Matalascañas

MATALASCAÑAS 12 MARCH 2017, 11 AM Following on from the huge success of the first edition, the Local Government of ALmonte, Club Espartanos de Matalascañas and the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) are organising the II RACE / MARCH AGAINST CANCER at DOÑANA BEACH - MATALASCAÑAS, with the collaboration of the Diputación de Huelva. Athletes can request participation, regardless of their level of experience, as long as they comply with current rules. There is no limit on the number of participants. More information:

Huelva and its light sports

There is something special that unites those who choose to approach the sea to practice sports: the feeling of freedom that offers to see a horizon without fences, without barriers, infinite. The Costa de Huelva is an exceptional enclave for the practice of many sports. Every day more people are attracted by the goodness of our infinite beaches of fine sand and spectacular sunsets, they are encouraged to start in the practice of sports in the Atlantic Ocean, in Huelva. Kite surfing, sailing, paddle surfing, windsurfing, beach volleyball, beach soccer, jogging, surfing, yoga, golf, horse riding, fishing, kayaking ... and many more options that offer a wide range of sports possibilities for all audiences. Wait in Huelva. Noticia original:

The ten jewels of the Andalusian legacy in the province of Huelva

The architecture onubense can boast of having some monuments of great beauty that were realized according to the canons of the Arab culture. Not surprisingly, the province is immersed within the Route Al-Mutamid, which includes Ayamonte, Lepe, Huelva, Palos, Moguer, Niebla, La Palma, Cortegana, Almonaster, Aroche or Aracena. 1. Historical Set of Fog. 2. Almonaster la Real Mosque. 3. Alcazaba of the Arab Settlement of Saltés Island. 4. Huelva Mosque. 5. Cortegana Castle. 6. Aracena Castle. 7. Castle of Aroche. 8. Monastery of La Rabida. 9. Monastery of Santa Clara in Moguer. 10. Church of San Jorge de Palos. Source: Huelva Good News

Presentation of ON Aqua in FITUR 2018

The City Council of Almonte has concluded this Friday, January 19, its outstanding participation in the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) of Madrid. Among other outstanding news, Almonte is shown in Fitur as a destination for sports tourism and a reference for flamenco fashion. But above all, we are left with our great initiative that will further strengthen the quality of the tourist destination. The Doñana Beach will witness the birth of ON Aqua, a 4 star hotel that will be released in 2020. A hotel for the enjoyment of families, children and adults, which will be accompanied by ON Suite, Luxury Apartments. We want to show our appreciation to the City Council of Almonte for their collaboration in this great project. News source:

Congratulations Ángel León! Michelin star of our land

Congratulations Angel Leon Gonzalez! Huge chef from our land who just got his 3rd Michelin Star for the Restaurant Aponiente. You also get the 1st for your restaurant Alevante. Both restaurants, located in the province of Cádiz. Many will recognize him for his jury role in Top Chef Antena 3. From On Hotels we send you our congratulations for your successes and your magnificent gastronomic bet 959 10 90 90 / Hotel Designed for Adults

Perseid Nights at the Doñana Beach

One of the most special weeks of the summer arrives. The rain of stars of the Perseids! From the Doñana Beach we will enjoy them. Go preparing your wishes!

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